The rise in cyber crime

It has been reported that about one in five people in the UK have had their accounts hacked by people online. The figure has been put about 40% of people that have suffered more than £10,000 losses and about 6% of the figure have had their details hacked more than one time. A recent poll has showed that people within the older age bracket of 55 – 64 are less likely to be victims of such crimes and this could be due to their online activity in terms of the different sites they visit, the frequency of online use and also how much they actually spend online for example.

There have been a lot of task forces set up over recent years now dedicated to cyber crime as the problem has grown over recent times. In the UK we are quite well protected against a lot of card fraud that is used due to the chip and pin security features that are now used as standard but there are however a lot of shops and suppliers that will still take credit cards without using this technology

A popular scam that has been used is the gone in 60 seconds scam where thieves deposit money and then make cash advance withdrawals in various locations  but all within a minute of each other so that the machine does not see it as multiple transactions and is a way where they can empty a lot of cash in one swoop before a card gets blocked. This does seem to be a crime that is growing and will take a lot of resources to keep on top of as the crimes get more sophisticated and expose new loopholes in systems all the time.

Know the truth about Tantric massage

Tantric massage, one of the most popular and effective forms of massage in modern day world. Though Tantric massage is popular and in demand, many do not actually understand the working and the effects of this form in a proper way. Most importantly it is sometimes taken as a form of sexual service, which it certainly is not. Let us discuss certain things which describe Tantric massage and eradicate the misconceptions.

Tantric massage is said to have its roots in the ancient Ayurvedic science of India. Tantric comes from the word ‘tantra’, whose literal translation means to perform something sensibly. It works on the basic energy flow within the body and is able to diagnose and treat many ailments. The effect is majorly achieved by stimulating certain nerves and the massage session varies for men and women, and sometimes depends on the demands of the consumer.

Tantric massage as well as erotic massage can be used to combat physical problems like irregular menstruation cycle, pain after the occurrence of menopause and problems related to conceiving. It can affect and improve libido and sexual performance. As a misconception many people tend to believe that this form of massage is focused on your genitals and to improve its physical attributes.

Additionally, this form of massage can treat problems related to breathing, kidney and body ache and discomfort due to intercourse in an improper position. One of the most fascinating things about Tantric massage is that it works in the field where medicines are necessary yet works without any supplementary intakes.

Tantric massage has great effect on mood swings and depression. It is a matter of few sessions or even one to get your depression out of your body. A Tantric form of massage is something you just need to try once to know its value and for those that dont want to go down the traditional tantric massage parlour route then there is also the option of an outcall service from a lot of establishments.

Getting a professional masseuse

Many of us must have opted for massage at various different places and by different masseuses. Is it normal and healthy? On the whole how much do most of us know about the massages, benefits, types and other related things? Massage is a vast subject and you need to have the proper knowledge to apply it in the correct manner.

Coming back to the point, when we feel the urge to get a massage we take it. We feel relaxed at the point and we are satisfied. Is that it? No! A professional and trained masseuse can give you something that lasts pretty long and you feel its effect on your life and not just for that particular moment or day.

Massage is a disciplined activity and you need to maintain proper posture. The masseuse will use proper hand movements in a particular way to give you the best effects of your massage. These postures, hand movements and regions of massaging have many variations and each one of them have a unique requirement and a condition attached to them. A popular form of massage now is Tantric massage which is a bit more intimate and erotic than most other massage therapies and is well use in many countries across the world now.

By learning the theories of massage, one would know exactly how to treat you and which type of session to offer you for the particular condition you are experiencing. This is one of the reasons that whether they are carrying out a tantric massage in london or a japanese massage it really is important that they are fully trained and qualified so that all clients will get the maximum benefit from the massage